The DIY Guide to Combating Global Warming

The Do It Yourself Guide to Combating Global Warming provides 101 practical steps that each individual can take to reduce the threat of climate change.

The Guide was originally written for an audience in the United Kingdom. It is most relevant to life in industrialised parts of the world, though the general approach can be applied anywhere.

As you read the Guide, think about whether any of the steps should be modified for your country — or new ones added.

Do you use air conditioning, for example? Many of the steps regarding reducing heating energy use can easily be modified to limit the energy demand of air conditioning.

The time to act is now

What is global warming?

What are the major greenhouse gases?

The 101 Steps
In the home Recycling Saving water At the shops On the road
In the garden Tree planting At work Raising awareness Creating wider change

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