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The main feature article in this issue of Tiempo looks at an important centre of scientific activity in Southeast Asia. Louis Lebel describes the activities of the Impacts Centre for Southeast Asia based in Indonesia. Established in 1995, the Centre has since become an important regional resource for global environmental change research offering training and support to scientists and research groups throughout the region. Louis Lebel goes on to describe one important regional project, the Integrated Study for Southeast Asia, and this account is followed by a brief summary of the main conclusions of the first six years of the related IGBP Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems Core Project.

Emilio Lèbre La Rovere presents a Brazilian perspective on the Third Conference of the Parties to the Climate Convention. He comments that, although the Kyoto Protocol delivered far less than many had hoped for, commitments were made that maintained a positive impetus for stronger agreements in the near future. However, he does note that a substantial number of ratifications do need to be made soon for significant progress to be possible at the Fourth Conference of the Parties, scheduled for November 1998 in Argentina.

Varsha Nair reports on an international art exhibition held in Bangkok, Thailand, throughout April. Artists from the Asia-Pacific Artist Solidarity Network presented their perspectives on the theme of plastics and other waste products, focusing on the effects and influences of environmental pollution for different communities and cultures.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Ivan Rodwell and Lelani Arris for their contribution to Tiempo over the past six years.

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