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On the Web: Training in climate issues

CC:TRAIN is a training programme designed to support the implementation of the Climate Convention. Various resources are available on this site, as well as details of the programme.

Educational Resources
Inventory of global change education sites, forming part of the Global Change Data and Information System.

Global Change Impacts Centre for Southeast Asia (IC-SEA)
IC-SEA, an International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) initiative, organizes training courses and workshops.

Global Change Courses
US Global Change Research Information office provides a listing of global change courses available at colleges and universities. Site also contains details of other educational resources.

Global Change System for Analysis, Research and Training (START)
A major aim of START, sponsored by IGBP, the International Human Dimensions Programme and the World Climate Research Programme, is to enhance scientific capacity in developing countries.

Network for Environmental Training at Tertiary-Level in Asia and the Pacific (NETTLAP)
NETTLAP coordinates training in coastal zone management, environmental economics, and toxic chemicals and hazardous waste management.

South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)
SPREP runs training courses and provides various educational resources on climate issues.

United States Country Studies Program
The US Country Studies Program sponsors training and research projects on climate change in developing countries and those with economies in transition.

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