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The Tiempo Climate Cyberlibrary was developed by Mick Kelly and Sarah Granich on behalf of the Stockholm Environment Institute and the International Institute for Environment and Development, with sponsorship from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

While every effort is made to ensure that information on this site, and on other sites that are referenced here, is accurate, no liability for loss or damage resulting from use of this information can be accepted.

Arctic Change
Arctic Change

Data relevant to various aspects of the climate issue — selected resources in the Tiempo Climate Cyberlibrary and on the web

In the Cyberlibrary

Interview with Rob Allan
In a Newswatch interview, Rob Allan discusses new work aimed at extending the instrumental climate record that should benefit the scientific community, policy makers and everyday users of climate information. Published February 2008

Interview with Jim Salinger
In a Newswatch interview, Jim Salinger discusses the development of the global temperature record, a key stage in the acceptance of climate change as a serious threat. Published August 2004

Seasonal Climate Forecasting
Simon Mason discusses the development of seasonal climate forecasting in the Indochina region of Southeast Asia. He argues that there is great potential and a pressing need for reliable predictions. Published June 2004

On the Web

2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership
The Partnership will coordinate the delivery and communication of a suite of indicators measuring progress towards the "2010 target", agreed by the Convention on Biological Diversity and the World Summit on Sustainable Development, to significantly reduce the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010.

Arctic Change
Data and information from reputable scientific sources place the present state of Arctic ecosystems and climate in historical context.

Arctic Sea Ice News
Arctic Sea Ice News, from the United States National Snow and Ice Data Center, provides a daily update of ice conditions, regular summaries of current trends and access to a range of cryospheric data sets.

Atmosphere-Ocean Model
Provides access to the computer programme enabling model simulations as well as further data and information files related to climate prediction.

BirdLife International
BirdLife International is a global alliance of conservation organizations working together for the world's birds and people. The site contains data on endangered bird species as well as briefing documents, such as the annual State of the World's Birds, and campaign information.

British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC)
BADC is the UK Natural Environment Research Council's designated data centre for the atmospheric sciences. Its main role is to assist UK atmospheric researchers locate, access and interpret relevant data.

CADDET Renewable Energy
Information on full-scale commercial renewable energy projects is available from the CADDET database.

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC)
CDIAC is a major source of data and other forms of information on the changing composition of the atmosphere in particular and on the climate issue in general.

Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)
CIESIN, based at Columbia University (New York, United States), is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to providing information that would help scientists, decision-makers and the public better understand their changing world. It is the World Data Center A for Human Interactions in the Environment and provides direct access to a large number of data sets, including the data contents of the World Resources series of reports, as well as links to other data sources.

Central European Environmental Data Request Facility (CEDAR)
CEDAR provides access to environmental information, data and resources, focusing on central Europe although not to the exclusion of other areas. Links are given to other environment sites worldwide.

Climate Diagnostics Bulletin
Produced by the Climate Prediction Center containing comprehensive forecasting data with analysis and expert assessments. Includes technical discussion of latest regional and globally observed climate conditions.

Climate information for rural Australia
The Long Paddock provides comprehensive access to data, forecasts and other information relevant the needs of rural Australia.

Climate Monitor Online
Climate Monitor Online makes available the latest data for key indicators of the state of the climate system in monthly summary and graphical form.

Climatic Research Unit data
The Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK) makes available instrumental data sets and model output through the Climate Impacts Link Project. Global 0.5°1961-90 mean climatologies and 1901-95 monthly gridded time series are available for various variables.

Coastal Typology Development
The global coastal zone typology enables the grouping of the world's coastal zone into clusters of discrete units based on both natural and socio-economic features and processes. The typology dataset can be downloaded.

Coastline Extractor
The United States Geological Survey makes available sets of coastline data for map production.

Committee on Earth Observation Satellites Information Locator Service (CILS)
CILS is a service designed for users of earth observation remote sensing data in developing countries. It not only provides detailed data and descriptions of all related aspects of satellite data but users can also provide information about their own institutions, programmes, projects and expertise, advertise their own events and data inventories, thereby making this information available worldwide.

Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period
Provides a foundation for the World Climate Research Program in cooperation with WMO to establish an integrated global observing system for the water cycle. Access to data sets, schedule of activities and publications and related links.

Accessible, informative site providing a single entry point for extensive coral reef information and data products.

Data Access Tools
Acess to climate and climate-related data from the National Climate Data Center in the United States.

EarthTrends is a comprehensive onlinbe database focusing on the environmental, social and economic trends that shape our world.

Ecosystem Informatics
Ecosystem Informatics has been developed to provide data, information and ecological modelling for forecasting changes in Earth's life support systems. The programme has been developed by NOAA's Satellite and Information Services, the Geophysical Data Center, and the University of Colorado's Cooperative Institute for Research in the Environmental Sciences.

ELDIS Directory of Sources
A searchable database of data and information sources on environment and development maintained by the British Library for Development Studies.

Emissions data and graphics
Greenhouse gas emissions data and graphics for UNFCCC Annex I countries.

Environmental Performance Index
The Environmental Performance Index, from Yale University and Columbia University, identifies broadly-accepted targets for environmental performance and measures how close each country comes to these goals. Published annually

EOS Data and Information System
Aaccess to data and products resulting from NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS), part of the Mission to Planet Earth program.

Eritrea Technology and Resource Assessment
Climate statistics for Eritrea and other information covering vegetation, energy and remote sensing on a site maintained by Robert Van Buskirk.

European Space Agency
The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe's gateway to space. Its site contains links to various satellite activities in ESA's programmes. Global satellite maps include coverage of the Antarctic ozone hole, which is updated hourly, and other atmospheric conditions.

Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic
The goal of Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic (ELOKA) is to facilitate the collection, preservation, exchange and use of Local and Traditional Knowledge research and community-based monitoring of the Arctic by providing data management and user support and to foster collaboration between local and international researchers.

FAO Fisheries Global Information System
FIGIS (FAO Fisheries Global Information System) provides latest news, resources,fact sheets and mapping systems relating to aquaculture and marine issues.

Fast Start Finance
Fast Start Finance makes available information about funding for climate action by developing countries, aiming to provide transparency about the amount, direction and use of fast start climate finance, in turn building trust in its delivery and impact.

Forest Spatial Information Catalog
Catalog is a metadata service tool, using thousands of datasets, providing accurate geospatial data for all who need forest-related geospatial information.

Forestry Department Country Profiles
Country information and statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization's Forestry Department.

Fossil Energy Global Activities
Provided by the United States Department of Energy, this database provides information regarding the energy profile of individual countries and links to related information sources.

Global Change Data and Information System (GCDIS)
GCDIS provides access to a set of distributed information systems covering global change data from atmospheric science, ecology, oceanography, and so on.

Global Change Master Directory
NASA's Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) is a comprehensive source of information about satellite and in situ Earth science data, with broad coverage of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, oceans, solid earth, and biosphere.

Global Change Research Information Office
The US Global Change Research Information Office provides access to data and information on global change research, data, strategies and technologies on behalf of the US Global Change Research Program.

Global Climate Change - NASA's Eyes on the Earth
News, information, data, educational materials and other resources from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
The Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network works to improve management and conservation of coral reefs by providing manuals, equipment, databases, training, problem solving, and helps with finding funds for reef monitoring - all coordinated in a global network.

Global Development Research Center
A virtual organization carrying out initiatives in education, research and practices in spheres of environment, urban, community and information with focus on the micro scale.

Global Forest Resources Assessment
Since 1946, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has regularly monitored the world's forests through Global Forest Resources Assessments.

Global Hunger Index
The World Hunger Index, from the International Food Policy Research Institute, shows that worldwide progress in reducing hunger remains slow. The 2009 global Global Hunger Index has fallen by only one quarter from the 1990 value. Published October 2009

Global Land One-kilometer Base Elevation (GLOBE)
Developed by the NOAA National Geophysical Center, GLOBE is a global digital elevation model on a nominal 1-kilometer grid. Data can be downloaded or obtained on CD-ROM. Site also contains links to related data sources and analysis tools.

Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
Joint initiative of the European Union and European Space Agency, to be fully functional by 2008. Intended to support sustainable development goals and to integrate environmental and security dimension in European policies.

Global Resource Information Database Centres
Global Resource Information Database (GRID), developed by the United Nations Environment Programme as part of the work of the Global Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS), provides access to up-to-date and reliable georeferenced environmental information.

The objective of GLOBCOVER is to produce a global land-cover map for the year 2005 using fine resolution (300m) satellite data.

Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center
The NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (DISC) provides a range of climate parameters as well as ocean, biosphere, atmospheric chemistry and other relevant data.

Green Maps
Greens maps are locally created maps that chart the natural and cultural environment.

Green Pages
Green Pages, the online gateway to environmental products and services, aims to deepen and broaden consumerīs ability to make a positive impact through their purchasing, and promotes a shift of public and private financial flows into projects and programmes that encourage and contribute to environmentally and socially sustainable development. Contains listings of information sources, organizations, services and suppliers as well as editorial material.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Data
The climate treaty secretariat provides access to most recent data on national greenhouse gas emissions and removals.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Data
Greenhouse Gas Inventory Data provides access to most recent data on national GHG emissions and removals.

Hadley Centre Observations Datasets
A range of climate data sets from the Hadley Centre of the UK Met. Office, including global surface air temperature.

Historical hurricane tracks
An interactive mapping tool to search and display historical storm tracks and related data through entering local or regional coordinates. Access available to website for active storm information.

Impacts of Climate Change on World Food Supply
The results of a study of climate impacts on crop yields are available at this site and can be viewed through an interactive query interface.

Indigenous Weather Knowledge
Provides historical to current seasonal weather calendars of the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Portrays their knowledge of the complexity and diversity of weather and how finely tuned these cultures are to their natural environment.

Integrated Assessment Of Climate Change: Model Visualization and Analysis
Model Visualization and Analysis for Climate Change Integrated Assessment supports the community of researchers and policy analysts involved in modeling and assessing the impacts and policy implications of climate and global environmental change. The website provides access to data from climate change research, as well as citations and information related to these efforts. It also provides access to geospatial data relevant to climate change.

IPCC Data Distribution Centre
The IPCC Data Distribution Centre (IPCC DDC) provides climate change scenarios for impacts assessment and related environmental and socio-economic information.

IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library
Wide-ranging collection of real-time data on atmospheric and oceanic conditions, including forecast assessment.

Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO)
JISAO makes available various historic data sets and links to other data sources as well as information about current climate conditions.

Laboratory for Atmospheric Research
Well-designed and up-to-date information from the City University of Hong Kong on seasonal forecasts of tropical cyclone activity over western North Pacific and South China Sea region.

Land Degradation Assessment in Drylands
The Land Degradation Assessment in Drylands (LADA) project provides access to documents, data, photos, maps and other resources concerning this critical issue.

LDEO Climate Data Library
The Climate Data Library contains a variety of data sets, primarily oceanographic and atmospheric, that can be downloaded or viewed and manipulated on line.

Little Green Data Book
The Little Green Data Book represents a succinct collection of information from the World Bank.

Millennium Development Goals
The Millennium Development Goals commit the international community to an expanded vision of development, one that vigorously promotes human development as the key to sustaining social and economic progress in all countries, and recognizes the importance of creating a global partnership for development.

Model and Data Group
The Group's mission is to provide central support for the German and European climate research community, with an emphasis on the application of climate models and data.

Monsoon On Line
Access to data and other resources regarding monsoon flows around the world, including progress of the Asian monsoon.

Monthly Atmospheric & SST Indices
Data for the various climate parameters, including sea surface temperature for indicator regions in the equatorial Pacific and the Southern Oscillation Index.

Mountain Watch
Mountain Watch profiles methods developed to aid decision-makers to assess the condition of mountain ecosystems, the pressures that affect them and the services that they provide. A new analysis of global data sets is supplemented by regional and local case studies drawn from around the world.

Multivariate ENSO Index
ENSO index based on pressure, wind, sea surface temperature, surface air temperature and cloudiness data.

NASA GISS surface temperature analysis
The NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies surface temperature analysis provides a measure of the changing global surface temperature for the period since 1880.

National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)
NCDC is responsible for managing the United States climate data collection and this site contains details of the climate resources, climate data sets and current climate information available from this source.

NCEP/NCAR Climate Data Assimilation System (CDAS) Reanalysis Project
The National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), in the United States, are producing new atmospheric analyses using historical (1957 onwards) and current observations to generate a long, homogeneous climate data set.

NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
The Paleoclimatology Program's goal is to assist the world share data, software and information on past long-term climate variability.

Pacific Climate Change Data Portal
The Pacific Climate Change Science Program provides historical climate information and trends from individual observation sites across the Pacific region and East Timor.

Pacific ENSO Update
Quarterly bulletin of the Pacific ENSO Applications Center, which conducts research and provides information packages on climate variability in the US-affiliated Pacific Islands.

Pacific Tropical Cyclone Data Portal
The aim of the Pacific Tropical Cyclone Data Portal is to improve knowledge of past tropical cyclone activity in the Pacific Islands and East Timor. The portal can be used to plot tracks of cyclones in the South Pacific between 1969 and 2010.

Pangaea is a network for geological and environmental data. Site contains data and software as well as information about the initiative.

Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme
The Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme is a research and development programme under the auspices of the International Energy Agency. The site contains information, statistics and data on projects plus summaries, publications and network links focusing on photovoltaics.

A global information system on coral reefs. Online database in collaboration with global monitoring programmes provides extensive information on all related issues such as status, threats, management and GIS datasets for 100 countries and territories.

SEA Fire Danger Rating System
Hosted by the Malaysian Meteorological Service, the Fire Danger Rating System monitors the risk of forest/vegetation fires across Southeast Asia (SEA).

New earth observing system developed by NASA providing data on the marine biosphere and much more.

Social Indicators of Development
Large set of national development statistics, including population, healthcare, land use, etc, compiled by the World Bank.

Southeast Asian Deltas
A research and reference site with access to studies, research projects, resource people, and publications related to the four deltas of Southeast Asia. The Ayeyarwady in Myanmar, the Chao Phraya in Thailand and the Mekong and Red River Deltas in Vietnam.

Southern Oscillation Index
Monthly values of the main atmospheric index.

Space Physics Interactive Data Resource (SPIDR)
A comprehensive collection of data made available by the Solar-Terrestrial Physics Division of the US National Geophysical Data Center. Data can be browsed and visualized on-line.

Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment, including regularly updated solar data (solar wind, solar flares, sunspots, interplanetary magnetic field).

Special Report on Emission Scenarios Open Process (SRES OP)
Researchers can submit their greenhouse gas emissions scenarios to the Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change "Open Process" at this site, access emissions scenarios and view the work of the SRES OP writing team.

Special Report on Emission Scenarios Open Process (SRES OP)
Researchers can submit their greenhouse gas emissions scenarios to the Open Process at this site, access emissions scenarios and view the work of the SRES OP writing team.

State of the Cryosphere
Comprehensive assessment of the state of the world's ice masses and introduction to the role of ice and snow in the climate system.

Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere Study
Solas is an international, multidisciplinary, integrated research programme intended to provide data sets, models and scientific information relating to ocean-atmosphere interactions.

Compendium of data on global change (greenhouse gas emissions and concentrations and climate).

UK Climate Impacts Programme
The UK Climate Impacts Programme helps organizations to adapt to inevitable climate change. Site includes a range of tools.

UK Climate Projections
Access to climate scenarios for the United Kingdom.

UN Atlas of the Oceans
Complete and wide-ranging information relevant to the sustainable development of oceans. Developed by UN agencies and other partners for policy makers, scientists, students and stakeholders needing detailed information and access to databases relevant to the sustainable development of oceans.

UNEP Year Book
The UNEP Year Book, produced by the United Nations Environment Programme, is an annual report on the changing global environment. It was formerly titled the GEO Year Book.

US Census Bureau
International population data base for use on-line or can be downloaded for off-line use.

WHO Statistical Information System (WHOSIS)
A guide and access to health and health-related statistical information from the World Health Organization.

World Carbon Emissions by Country
The Guardian Data Blog makes available national carbon emissions for each year since 1980, with an interactive graphic.

World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC)
WCMC makes available a number of conservation databases, including data, maps and statistics on forests, coasts, species, protected areas, national biodiversity and bibliographies.

World Data Center-A (United States)
Covers atmospheric trace gases, glaciology, human interactions in the environment, marine geology and geophysics, meteorology, oceanography, paleoclimatology, remotely sensed land data, rockets and satellites, rotation of the Earth, seismology, solar-terrestrial physics and solid earth geophysics.

World Data Center-B (Russia)
Covers marine geology and geophysics, meteorology, oceanography, rockets and satellites, rotation of the Earth, solar-terrestrial physics and solid earth geophysics. There is a mirror site.

World Data Center-C1 (Europe)
Covers earth tides, geomagnetism, glaciology, recent crustal movements, soils, solar activity, solar-terrestrial physics and sunspot index.

World Data Center-C2 (Japan and India)
Covers airglow, cosmic rays, aurora, ionosphere, nuclear radiation, solar radio emissions and solar-terrestrial activity.

World Data Center-D (China)
Covers astronomy, geology, geophysics, glaciology and geocryology, meteorology, oceanography, renewable resources and environment, seismology and space sciences.

World Data Centers
The World Data Centers provide for international data exchange related to the Earth and its environment and the Sun. They operate under the auspices of the International Council of Scientific Unions.

World Energy Outlook
World Energy Outlook, from the International Energy Agency, reviews current trends in global energy supply and demand. While the current report can only be purchased, reports from previous years can be downloaded at no charge. Published annually

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GE cuts solar costs

General Electric plans to cut solar installation costs by half

Project 90 by 2030

Project 90 by 2030 supports South African school children and managers reduce their carbon footprint through its Club programme

Smart street lighting

Bath & North East Somerset Council in the United Kingdom has installed smart LED carriageway lighting that automatically adjusts to light and traffic levels

Longwood Gardens

The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the American Public Gardens Association are mounting an educational exhibit at Longwood Gardens showing the link between temperature and planting zones

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers

The energy-efficient Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers hotel is powered by renewable and sustainable sources, including integrated solar photovoltaics and guest-powered bicycles

El Hierro

El Hierro, one of the Canary Islands, plans to generate 80 per cent of its energy from renewable sources

Remarkables Primary School green roof

The green roof on the Remarkables Primary School in New Zealand reduces stormwater runoff, provides insulation and doubles as an outdoor classroom

Weather Info for All

The Weather Info for All project aims to roll out up to five thousand automatic weather observation stations throughout Africa


SolSource turns its own waste heat into electricity or stores it in thermal fabrics, harnessing the sun's energy for cooking and electricity for low-income families

Wave House

The Wave House uses vegetation for its architectural and environmental qualities, and especially in terms of thermal insulation

Mbale compost-processing plant

The Mbale compost-processing plant in Uganda produces cheaper fertilizer and reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Frito-Lay Casa Grande

At Casa Grande, Frito-Lay has reduced energy consumption by nearly a fifth since 2006 by, amongst other things, installing a heat recovery system to preheat cooking oil

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