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The Tiempo Climate Cyberlibrary was developed by Mick Kelly and Sarah Granich on behalf of the Stockholm Environment Institute and the International Institute for Environment and Development, with sponsorship from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

While every effort is made to ensure that information on this site, and on other sites that are referenced here, is accurate, no liability for loss or damage resulting from use of this information can be accepted.


Private sector organizations involved in the climate issue or related subjects — selected resources in the Tiempo Climate Cyberlibrary and on the web

In the Cyberlibrary

Green Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region
Rae Kwon Chung, on behalf of the Environment and Sustainable Development Division at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia, outlines an approach to sustainable economic growth that is being promoted for the nations of Asia and the Pacific. Published April 2008

On the Web

50by50: Global Fuel Economy Initiative
The Global Fuel Economy Initiative exists to promote debate and discussion around the issue of fuel economy. The 50by50 Report calls for a 50 per cent fuel economy improvement worldwide by 2050.

Alliance to Save Energy
The Alliance to Save Energy is a coalition of prominent business, government, environmental and consumer leaders who promote the efficient and clean use of energy worldwide to benefit the environment, economy and national security. Based in Washington DC, United States.

Arab Forum for Environment and Development
The Arab Forum for Environment and Development is a civil society initiative based on Beirut, Lebanon, intended to encourage Arab businessmen and economic institutions to collaborate in the direction of opening an Arab common market for products which are friendly to the environment as well as in the direction of harmonizing environmental measures.

Biodiversity Economics
Biodiversity Economics is an on-line resource for biodiversity economists, promoting economic approaches to conservation by sharing documents, contacts and information about upcoming events.

Building Biodiversity Business
Building Biodiversity Business, from Shell and IUCN, argues that there is a need to develop new business models and market mechanisms for biodiversity conservation and to persuade the public and policy makers that biodiversity (or component ecosystem services) can be conserved on a commercial basis. Published March 2008

CantorCO2e is a leading global provider of financial services to the world’s environmental and green energy markets.

Carbon Disclosure Project
The Carbon Disclosure Project, an independent not-for-profit organization, aims to create a lasting relationship between shareholders and corporations regarding the implications of climate change. Its goal is to facilitate a dialogue, supported by quality information, from which a rational response to climate change will emerge.

Carbon Markets and Investors Association
The Carbon Markets and Investors Association is an international trade association representing service providers to the global carbon market.

Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum
The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum is an international climate change initiative that is focused on development of improved cost-effective technologies for the separation and capture of carbon dioxide for its transport and long-term safe storage.

Caring for Climate: The Business Leadership Platform
Caring for Climate is a voluntary and complementary action platform for United Nations Global Compact participants who seek to demonstrate leadership on the issue of climate change. It provides a framework for business leaders to advance practical solutions and help shape public policy as well as public attitudes

Chicago Climate Exchange
The Chicago Climate Exchange is a self-regulatory exchange that administers a multi-national and multi-sectoral marketplace for reducing and trading greenhouse gas emissions.

Clean Air - Cool Planet
The mission of Clean Air - Cool Planet is to work with partners in business, education and the community in solving the global warming problem, developing economically efficient and innovative climate policies and mobilizing civic engagement to implement practical climate solution. The regional focus of the organization is the northeast United States.

Climate Action Partnership
The United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) is a group of businesses and leading environmental organizations that have come together to call on the federal government to quickly enact strong national legislation to require significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.

ClimateBiz provides access to news and information on the climate issue for the business sector. Briefings cover an introduction to climate change and material on, amongst other things, emissions reduction, renewable energy and carbon offsets.

ClimateWise is a collaborative insurance initiative through which members aim to work together to respond to the risks and opportunities of climate change.

e8 Network of Expertise for the Global Environment
The e8 is a non-profit international organization, composed of ten leading electricity companies from the G8 countries, whose mission is to play an active role in global electricity issues within the international framework and to promote sustainable energy development through electricity sector projects and human capacity building activities in developing and emerging nations.

Earth Policy Institute
The Earth Policy Institute is dedicated to providing a vision of what an environmentally sustainable economy looks like, as well as a roadmap of how to get from here to there.

Edison Electric Institute
Representing United States shareholder-owned utilities and international affiliates, the Edison Electric Institute favours voluntary approaches on climate change and promotes energy efficiency in the electricity sector.

Emissions Marketing Association
The mission of the Emissions Marketing Association is to promote market-based trading solutions for environmental management and to serve its membership.

Enviro.aero is supported and financed by the commercial aviation industry under the umbrella of the Air Transport Action Group with the purpose of providing information on industry measures to limit the impact of aviation on the environment.

European Climate Exchange
Europe's "premier tool" for trading carbon dioxide emissions offering advanced, low-cost and financially guaranteed tools for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources
EUFORES is an independent, non-profit making organisation that aims to promote the use of renewable energy. It was established to pursue the target outlined in the 1994 "Declaration of Madrid" - a 15% substitution of conventional primary energy demand by renewable energy sources by 2010.

European Photovoltaic Industry Association
The European Photovoltaic Industry Association is the world's largest industry association devoted to the solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity market. The association aims to promote PV at national, European and worldwide levels and to assist its members in their business development in both the European Union and export markets.

European Renewable Energy Council
The European Renewable Energy Council - EREC - is an umbrella organization of the European renewable energy industry, trade and research associations active in the fields of photovoltaic, small hydropower, solar thermal, biomass, wind energy and geothermal energy, thus representing the entire renewable energy sector.

European Round Table of Industrialists
The European Round Table argues for the full involvement of industry in developing climate policy alongside governments.

European Solar Thermal Industry Federation
ESTIF's mission is to achieve high priority and acceptance for solar thermal energy generation as a key element for sustainable heating and cooling in Europe.

Global Climate Adaptation Partnership
The Global Climate Adaptation Partnership is an international partnership of the world's leading climate and adaptation experts. It provides a broad range of climate-related services to both government and commercial clients.

Gold Standard
The Gold Standard is owned by the network of non-governmental supporter organizations who have committed themselves to implementing the Kyoto Protocol in the spirit of true and long-term emission reductions and sustainable development. A methodology for voluntary offset projects was launched in May 2006. A quarterly newsletter is available.

Green America's Green Business Program
Green America's Green Business Program aims to provide the networks, resources and technical assistance needed for socially and environmentally-responsible businesses to emerge and thrive in communities across the United States.

Green Economy Initiative
The Green Economy Initiative, launched by the United Nations Environment programme, is designed to assist governments in "greening" their economies by reshaping and refocusing policies, investments and spending towards a range of sectors, such as clean technologies, renewable energies, water services, green transportation, waste management, green buildings and sustainable agriculture and forests.

Green Growth
Green Growth is an ESCAP initiative promoting win-win approaches to reconciling the conflict between current pathways for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals of poverty reduction and environmental sustainability.

Green Hotelier
Green Hotelier discusses practical solutions for responsible tourism.

International Emissions Trading Association
The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) aims to be the premier voice for the business community on emissions trading. Its objectives are: to promote an integrated view of the emissions trading system; to participate in the design and implementation of national and international rules and guidelines; and to provide the most up-to-date and credible source of information on emissions trading and greenhouse gas market activity.

International Petroleum Exchange
The Exchange provides a highly regulated marketplace for fund managers, speculators, oil and gas producers and refiners, distributors, consumers, and any other industry participant exposed to risk from fluctuations in energy prices. It has published a report on emissions trading.

Investor Network on Climate Risk
The purpose of the Investor Network on Climate Risk is to promote better understanding of the risks of climate change among institutional investors.

Julie's Bicycle
Julie's Bicycle is a not-for-profit company helping the music industry cut its greenhouse gas emissions and create a low-carbon creative future.

The ‘Kompogas' facility turns biological wastes into electricity, fuel and compost. Pioneering work on ecological energy production by Walter Schmid.

Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership
The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership is an action and advisory group that aims to take a lead in accelerating the shift to low carbon vehicles and fuels in the United Kingdom and to help ensure that business can benefit from that shift.

Methane to Markets
The Methane to Markets Partnership is an international initiative that advances cost-effective, near-term methane recovery and use as a clean energy source.

Point Carbon
Thomson Reuters Point Carbon is a world-leading provider of independent news, analysis and consulting services for European and global power, gas and carbon markets.

SEED Initiative
The SEED Initiative is a global partnership for action on sustainable development and the green economy. It supports innovative small-scale and locally-driven entrepreneurships around the globe which integrate social and environmental benefits into their business model.

Egyptian initiative based on biodynamic methods of agriculture. Holistic vision encompasses the economic, social and cultural development of people through education, health care and applied research.

Solar Cookers International
Solar Cookers International is a non-profit organization providing solar cookers to communities, organizations and individuals throughout the world. Also provides publications, educational material and technical support.

The SouthSouthNorth project recognises the vital need for finding viable economic solutions that are sustainable to meet the climate challenge and builds capacity among all stakeholders in the South for the success of one solution, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol.

Spirit in Business
Stated mission is to connect leaders in the global community with the intent to empower and enable them to maximize their being "great leaders, good leaders" for the benefit of the whole.

Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future
Formerly known as the UNED Forum. An international initiative to support civil society organizations concerned with sustainable development.

Sustainable Energy Africa
Sustainable Energy Africa provides energy-related goods and services for the promotion of sustainable development in a consultative and interactive approach. Activities include sustainable energy and capacity building projects undertaken for governmental and intergovernmental clients.

The Climate Group
The Climate Group is a non-profit organisation working to harvest the knowledge of corporations, governments and financiers in responding to the climate problem.

UNEP Finance
UNEP FI is a global partnership between UNEP and the financial sector, working to understand the impacts of environmental and social considerations on financial performance.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development
The World Business Council for Sustainable Development is a coalition of over one hundred companies committed to the principles of economic growth and sustainable development. Many favour joint implementation, emissions trading and similar responses to the greenhouse problem. The site contains a section on energy and climate.

World Coal Institute
Representing the world coal community, the World Coal Institute presents a well-argued case for restrained action on the climate problem. Site includes the quarterly newsletter Ecoal.

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Bright Ideas

GE cuts solar costs

General Electric plans to cut solar installation costs by half

Project 90 by 2030

Project 90 by 2030 supports South African school children and managers reduce their carbon footprint through its Club programme

Smart street lighting

Bath & North East Somerset Council in the United Kingdom has installed smart LED carriageway lighting that automatically adjusts to light and traffic levels

Longwood Gardens

The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the American Public Gardens Association are mounting an educational exhibit at Longwood Gardens showing the link between temperature and planting zones

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers

The energy-efficient Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers hotel is powered by renewable and sustainable sources, including integrated solar photovoltaics and guest-powered bicycles

El Hierro

El Hierro, one of the Canary Islands, plans to generate 80 per cent of its energy from renewable sources

Remarkables Primary School green roof

The green roof on the Remarkables Primary School in New Zealand reduces stormwater runoff, provides insulation and doubles as an outdoor classroom

Weather Info for All

The Weather Info for All project aims to roll out up to five thousand automatic weather observation stations throughout Africa


SolSource turns its own waste heat into electricity or stores it in thermal fabrics, harnessing the sun's energy for cooking and electricity for low-income families

Wave House

The Wave House uses vegetation for its architectural and environmental qualities, and especially in terms of thermal insulation

Mbale compost-processing plant

The Mbale compost-processing plant in Uganda produces cheaper fertilizer and reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Frito-Lay Casa Grande

At Casa Grande, Frito-Lay has reduced energy consumption by nearly a fifth since 2006 by, amongst other things, installing a heat recovery system to preheat cooking oil

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Updated: May 15th 2015