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Sustainable Africa
Sustainable Africa

Climate change and Africa — selected resources in the Tiempo Climate Cyberlibrary and on the web

In the Cyberlibrary

National Adaptation Programmes of Action: Lessons Learnt in Africa
Balgis Osman-Elasha and Thomas Downing describe the lessons learned from preparing National Adaptation Programmes of Action in eastern and southern Africa. Published November 2007

Climate Change and Pastoralism
Ced Hesse describes the challenges facing African pastoralists and key areas of policy intervention needed to help them cope with climate change. Published October 2007

Africa's Vulnerability to Climate Change and Opportunities for Adaptation
Balgis Osman-Elasha discusses the many factors that make the African continent so vulnerable to environmental stress and climate change impacts and summarizes some of the adaptation opportunities that would ensure the continent a healthy and sustainable future. Published March 2007

G8 Commitments on Climate Change and Africa
The latest summit of the leaders of the G8 nations took place in July 2005, with Africa and climate change high on the agenda. Newswatch editor Mick Kelly reports. Published July 2005

National Climate Strategy for South Africa
South Africa's National Climate Change Response Strategy was launched in October 2004. Newswatch editor Mick Kelly reports. Published October 2004

CDM Projects in Africa
Anders Arvidson outlines the methodology used in assessing the viability of and potential for CDM projects in Africa. Published September 2002

Coping with Climatic and Economic Change
Siri Eriksen, Ane Schjolden and Julie Silva discuss the linkages between climate change and economic vulnerability in southern Africa. Published March 2002

North-South Dialogue
Peter Zhou discusses equity and sustainable development perceptions from a Southern Africa aspect. Published September 2001

Preparing for COP-6
Joyeeta Gupta and Angela Churie Kallhauge compare two capacity building initiatives, for Africa and for Latin America and the Caribbean. Published September 2000

Networking in the Horn of Africa
Renee Storteboom discusses the non-governmental organizations of the Horn of Africa and their potential. Published March 2000

Sugarcane Resources in Southern Africa
Francis Johnson examines the use of sugarcane as a renewable energy resource in southern Africa. Published March 2000

Action Plan for Africa
Marcel Kok summarizes the action plan that resulted from a workshop on integrated assessment for climate change in Africa. Published December 1999

Integrated Assessment and Mitigation
Peter Zhou discusses the role of integrated assessment in assessing mitigation priorities for Africa. Published December 1999

AIJ — Africans In Jeopardy?
Angela Churie argues that African nations should prepare carefully for participation in joint implementation activities. Published June 1996

Household Power in a New Light
Daniel Kammen discusses the developing use of photovoltaic technology in Africa. Published Issue 20, June 1996

Desertification and Climate Change
Mick Kelly and Mike Hulme address the complex and often uncertain links between climate change, prolonged aridification or desiccation, and desertification. Published August 1993

Desertification: the Scourge of Africa
Michael Bernard Kwesi Darkoh discusses the complex factors underlying the threat to Africa's drylands. Published April 1993

On the Web

A Preliminary Assessment of Energy and Ecosystem Resilience in Ten African Countries
A Preliminary Assessment of Energy and Ecosystem Resilience in Ten African Countries, from Helios International, is a preliminary attempt to identify points of vulnerability as they relate to climate change-related events and sketch out what changes are needed, both politically and programmatically, to increase resilience. Published 2007

Africa Climate Report
A comprehensive analysis of current weather monitoring, weather forecasting, monthly and seasonal forecasts and climate change modelling in Africa.

African Centre for Meteorological Applications for Development (ACMAD)
The objective of ACMAD, located in Niamey, Niger Republic, is to contribute to sustainable development in different socio-economic sectors in the continent of Africa through investigations of meteorological and climatological domains. Main activities include short- and medium-range weather forecasting, climate monitoring and seasonal forecasting and training.

African Forum and Network on Debt and Development
The African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) is a civil society organization born of a desire to secure lasting solutions to Africa's mounting debt problem.

AREED: African Rural Energy Enterprise Development
Initiated by UNEP, AREED assists in developing new sustainable energy enterprises. Offers training, tools, start-up support, seed capital and partnerships with banks and NGOs involved in rural energy.

Assessments of Impacts and Adaptations to Climate Change in Multiple Regions and Sectors
The website synthesizes information on the sectors, systems, and groups studied, methods utilized, and key results of the 24 AIACC (Assessments of Impacts and Adaptations to Climate Change in Multiple Regions and Sectors) projects in the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Clean Development Mechanism in Africa
The UNEP Risoe Centre on Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development supports the development of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in Africa and CDM capacity strengthening in general.

Climate Change in Africa
Updated selection of news and feature articles that describe some of the complex links between climate change and Africa development.

Commission for Africa
The aim of the Commission for Africa, established in 2004, was to take a fresh look at Africa's past and present and the international community's role in its development path. The website includes the Commission's final report Our Common Interest

Economywide Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
Economywide Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa, from the International Food Policy Research Institute, presents two possible adaptation options to climate change for Sub-Saharan Africa.

ENDA TW Energy Program
Reports, networking support, news and links focusing on renewable energy in sub-Saharan Africa.

Impacts of Climate Change on Plant Diversity in South Africa
Study of the possible impacts of climate change on the survival and distribution of South Africa's indigenous plants.

Mapping Climate Vulnerability and Poverty in Africa (2.2MB download)
Mapping Climate Vulnerability and Poverty in Africa, from the International Livestock Research Institute, identifies areas that appear to be particularly prone to climate change impacts, considers the biophysical and social vulnerability of these and other areas and assesses the use of climate information in decisionmaking. Published May 2006

Megatransect across Africa
Megatransect across Africa is a multimedia exploration of the African continent. High bandwidth recommended.

Rain Water Harvesting
Rain Water Harvesting, from the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Agroforestry Centre, underlines the massive potential of rainwater harvesting in Africa

Soil and Water Conservation Technologies
Soil and Water Conservation Technologies, from the International Food Policy Research Institute, investigates the impact of different soil and water conservation technologies on the variance of crop production in Ethiopia to determine the risk implications of the different technologies in different regions and rainfall zones. Soil and water conservation provides a buffer against production risk in the face of climate change.

Southern African Renewable Energy Information Network (SAREIN)
SAREIN is a joint initiative between Southern Africa and the European Union and is currently operational in six countries: Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Operates through providing information about technology, markets, financing and opportunities, raising awareness of the potential of renewable energy and establishing links between industry and the public sector, amongst other activities.

Sustainable Africa
News, features, networking assistance and a calendar and events on the theme of sustainable Africa.

Sustainable Development in Africa: Is the Climate Right?
Position paper discussing the management of climate information in the development process in Africa (2.4MB download).

Sustainable Energy Africa
Sustainable Energy Africa provides energy-related goods and services for the promotion of sustainable development in a consultative and interactive approach. Activities include sustainable energy and capacity building projects undertaken for governmental and intergovernmental clients.

Up in Smoke
Up in Smoke, from the Working Group on Climate Change and Development, is a series of briefing documents, reviewing the latest available scientific research and evidence from those living on the front line of global warming. Alongside a global overview, regional reports cover Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Vital Climate Graphics Africa
Excellent set of graphics illustrating different aspects of the climate problem for Africa.

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Bright Ideas

GE cuts solar costs

General Electric plans to cut solar installation costs by half

Project 90 by 2030

Project 90 by 2030 supports South African school children and managers reduce their carbon footprint through its Club programme

Smart street lighting

Bath & North East Somerset Council in the United Kingdom has installed smart LED carriageway lighting that automatically adjusts to light and traffic levels

Longwood Gardens

The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the American Public Gardens Association are mounting an educational exhibit at Longwood Gardens showing the link between temperature and planting zones

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers

The energy-efficient Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers hotel is powered by renewable and sustainable sources, including integrated solar photovoltaics and guest-powered bicycles

El Hierro

El Hierro, one of the Canary Islands, plans to generate 80 per cent of its energy from renewable sources

Remarkables Primary School green roof

The green roof on the Remarkables Primary School in New Zealand reduces stormwater runoff, provides insulation and doubles as an outdoor classroom

Weather Info for All

The Weather Info for All project aims to roll out up to five thousand automatic weather observation stations throughout Africa


SolSource turns its own waste heat into electricity or stores it in thermal fabrics, harnessing the sun's energy for cooking and electricity for low-income families

Wave House

The Wave House uses vegetation for its architectural and environmental qualities, and especially in terms of thermal insulation

Mbale compost-processing plant

The Mbale compost-processing plant in Uganda produces cheaper fertilizer and reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Frito-Lay Casa Grande

At Casa Grande, Frito-Lay has reduced energy consumption by nearly a fifth since 2006 by, amongst other things, installing a heat recovery system to preheat cooking oil

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Updated: May 15th 2015